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“The repeated, present experiencing of the circumstance, that the thought of the world of senses as part and quality of the cohesive centre of sensory experience reveals itself, at the same time, as the bridge for our consciousness to become aware of the individual I of the thinker, is a fact of metaphysical dimension.” (Berthold Wulf)
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Felix Huber was born in Frick (AG); discovered improvising on the piano at an early age and was a founding member of the first jazz-rock formation "Jigsaw" in the canton of Aargau.

Studies at the Bern Conservatory, the Jazz School Bern and at Berklee College in Boston, USA. While still a student: Coast-to-Coast-Tour through 30 of the biggest cities in the USA. Concerts as solo pianist and with his own quartet "New Jazztet".

Huber wrote compositions and arrangements for symphony orchestra, string and chamber ensembles, jazz combos, big bands, choir and solo instruments.


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Choralia Friburgensis, Editions Labatiaz • St. Maurice

Karthause Schmülling Verlag • Kamen • Vilnius • St. Petersburg • Thessaloniki 

Breitkopf & Härtel  • Wiesbaden • Leipzig • Paris

ToppBrass Verlag • Aarau